About Meli Luna

MELI LUNA is an ethical fashion brand for rebels with a cause. It was started in 2014 in a tiny apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and is now based in Columbus, Ohio. I chose this name for a few different reasons: MELI means "honey", and it was a nickname for the Greek goddess Persephone. Persephone is an important symbol to me, because of her story. She was the goddess of Flowers until she was taken into the Underworld and forced to marry Hades. But she was strong, and grew into a fierce and respected Queen of the Underworld. LUNA means "moon". Many cultures connect the moon with dreams, spirituality, and femininity.

I partner with a local non-profit organization that I believe in. Survivor's Ink is an amazing nonprofit organization based in Columbus, OH, that helps survivors of human trafficking.

For every 20 items of clothing sold, you are helping Meli Luna sponsor a woman with Survivor's Ink.

What is ethical fashion?

The grassroots fashion revolution that was beginning in NYC while I was a student was a huge inspiration to me. Artists and designers were, and still are, breaking away from mass consumer fashion for many reasons.

Livia Firth discusses the impact that cheap clothing is having.

MELI LUNA proudly strives to be as ethical as possible. We are part of the #fashionrevolution, challenging fast fashion and unsustainable manufacturing practices. The impact of our clothing is thought about very carefully, from the fabric to the supplies used to ship our clothing out to our customers.

The impact of fast fashion:

I've worked in corporate fashion, and the complete lack of attention paid to the environment in the corporate fashion world is distressing. I studied Integrated Fashion Design at University, with a focus on sustainable design, and learned a lot about the way that independent designers are changing the fashion industry.

Fast fashion means that retail stores are rushing to constantly produce new items for customers. Some retail stores have new designs in stores as frequently as every two weeks. And since more than 60% of the world’s clothing is made in developing countries, your clothing is traveling halfway around the world just to get to the store. Not to mention the harmful chemicals used to treat and dye fabric, which is often dumped into rivers.

Who made my clothes?

MELI LUNA is sewn locally by women in Louisville, Kentucky, and hand dyed with low-impact, nature-based dyes right here in Columbus, Ohio. And of course, everyone who works on our garments works under safe conditions, and is paid a living wage. Shopping ethical and fair trade brands creates jobs in the, USA, makes sure workers are paid a living wage, and creates a cleaner and happier world.

Giving back with Survivor's Ink

Sunshine & Bravado also proudly give back to the community. Your purchase helps us sponsor one recipient of a scholarship with Survivor’s Ink with every 20 pieces sold from the collection. Survivor’s Ink is a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio, which empowers victims of human trafficking by removing or covering their brands, and other physical scars and replacing them with beautiful tattoos. Strong and complicated women are the biggest inspiration for my work, and Meli Luna tries to give back to the community whenever possible. Thank you for supporting this dream, and supporting women in need.